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5 Reasons Your Child Needs An Academic Summer Program

Unless you live in Antarctica in a snow cave, you have probably heard the expression “summer slide” to describe setbacks in academic skills which students experience over the summer.
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The Hard Facts about Soft Skills

Soft skills are the skills needed to function on an adult level; time management, responsibility, commitment, the ability to make decisions and problem-solving, effective communication skills, teamwork, etc.) and most...
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College Grad Still Living in your Basement?

It’s been months since your adult child graduated from college and still no job.  He is getting more irritable by the day and you are down to only being able...
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Is ADHD Mostly a Boy Thing?

The definitive answer to this question is yes and no. It is true that boys are 2 times more likely, and in some research I read even more likely than...
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