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Having a Study Buddy Keeps Students Accountable

Posted on September, 23, 2022 by

Having a Study Buddy has been increasing in popularity, and for good reason.  We all know that having someone to keep us accountable can help in a myriad of situations we may not be too excited about doing on our own.  Exercising is something many of us procrastinate doing.  We know we should go to the gym, and we may plan to do it, but it is just so easy to make excuses and not actually go.  Having a friend who we meet there on specific days and times overrides the tendency to procrastinate.  The same concept holds true for academics, having a Study Buddy keeps students accountable.

Arranging a time to meet a friend to do homework or study for a test increases motivation and productivity.  However, it’s important you choose your Study Buddy wisely. Who we like to spend time with and who may keep us accountable may be totally different people.

When looking for a study buddy, make sure to pick someone that is…

1. Accountable – A study buddy should be someone that is on time and shows up to classes. If your friend regularly misses school or shows up late to things, they may miss your study sessions as well.

2. Encouraging – It’s important to stay on topic, but someone that encourages you to want to work hard and do well will help with your motivation to get the work done.

3. Consistent – Your meeting times should be on the same day and time each week to create consistency and routines. Make sure to find a time that works for both of you outside of extra-curricular activities so that you can both attend each week.

4. Able to stay on topic – When working with a study buddy, you want to make sure the focus stays on academics. Socializing and talking about what you are doing this weekend should be done outside of study sessions. Your study buddy should make sure you are not scrolling on social media or getting distracted with other things while you are doing your work.

5. Organized and Goal-oriented – Finding a study buddy that is organized is important because having a structure for the meeting is what will lead to success. You should each set a goal for the session and decide what you will be working on so that you can measure your success at the end of the session.

During the study session, it is best to set a timer to chunk out the work. Using the Pomodoro Method is one of the most productive tools students can use to stay focused and on task. Once you set the timer, phones are off and the work begins. When the timer ends, you take a short break and this is when you can chat and get some water or a snack. After the break, the timer restarts and you are off to the races again.

Although the focus is to get homework done, having a study buddy should be fun and motivating for students. Students should pick a place that is distraction-free and somewhere they look forward to getting work done.

Since we know that having a study buddy motivates students to do homework, ACA is offering study halls for students. To learn more about our study hall services and if they would benefit your family, schedule a free consultation call here.