Middle and High School Academic Coaching

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The coaches at Academic Coaching Associates excel at helping upper elementary, middle, and high school students grow in independence, self-reliance, and develop important life skills for school and beyond.

Executive function skills such as time management, organization, prioritizing, and homework completion are the main focus of the sessions. Our coaches also help students develop active study strategies, pre-planning, and effective note-taking. Becoming a pro-active self-advocate is a priority as well as curbing procrastination and increasing motivation.

Studies show that transiting to middle school is one of the biggest hurdles for students because it is the first time they are managing class schedules and multiple teachers.

The ACA coaches help make this transition smooth and successful by teaching organization and time management systems that work for each class and effective homework completion strategies. Students will also learn self-advocacy skills, pre-planning, note-taking, and memorization techniques. Development of study skills and test-taking strategies are highlighted as well.

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We offer Level 1 and 2 ACES Packages or monthly options for students

What people say about it

“Sue has been an invaluable help to my son. She helped him get organized and taught him how to manage his time better. His attitude towards school and self-confidence have improved greatly. He now advocates for himself and has the tools to get the most out of his education. Our homework battles have virtually ended.”

Mom of Toby, grade 8

"I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you!  You have made such a difference in Charlie's life. When I get text messages from him as he's leaving your meetings telling me he can't wait to show me the great work he's done, my heart swells. We are so eternally grateful to have found you, Hilary."

Mom of Charlie, grade 11