College Academic Coaching

college girl sitting on bed

College is an exciting time for students, but those with executive function difficulties have not yet developed the skills necessary to be a self-reliant and successful student.

Our college coaches are excellent at helping students learn strategies such as organization, time management, pre-planning, and submitting assignments on time. Learning how to utilize campus resources and practice self-advocacy are imperative. Students will also develop effective study strategies and test preparation techniques. Our goal is to help students avoid procrastination, increase motivation, and develop independent life skills.

Why our approach to Online College Coaching works

We have been working with college students for a decade and have perfected the art of virtual academic coaching.

Students meet consistently with their coaches in set time slots each week so students can plan and prioritize and accordingly.

Our coaches are experts at creating a personal bond with their students and will go above and beyond to help their students succeed

After each session parents receive Lesson Notes to keep them in the loop without having to ask the student for information.

In college there are only a handful of coaches for thousands of college students, but ACA students get to reach out to their coach anytime.

Our coaches are highly trained and experienced professionals not students, grad students, or recent graduates.

We offer Level 1 or 2 Mastermind Packages or our monthly options for students.

What people say about it

"College proved to be a bigger challenge for me than I had ever expected. I found out the hard way that I wasn't ready to handle the new responsibilities of college life. Working with ACA has helped me get back on my feet. My coach helped me learn skills in organization, keeping up with assignments, and self-discipline. Now I'm feeling confident I will succeed as I face the oncoming year."

David M. 

College student

“Morgan has worked with so many people over the years, but none have been nearly as effective as Andrea, his ACA college coach. She has been amazing and knows just how to motivate him.  The lesson notes have proven to be particularly helpful in keeping me in the loop.  Working with one of your academic coaches has gone a long way in preserving our relationship.”


Mother of Morgan, College student