Summer 2021 College Programs

Pre-College Boot Camp

Helping students make a successful transition to college
The Secrets to College Success Every Student Needs to Know

Students will learn executive function strategies to navigate college effectively. These include organization, time management, pre-planning, prioritizing, and self-advocacy skills. Important skills such as effective study strategies, note-taking, accountability, establishing routines, and increasing productivity will be included.

Small-Group Program (online)

August 10-12, 2021

11:00 am - 12:00 pm EST

Price $375

*1-1 Coaching Available Upon Request

College ReStart Program

college student with backpack. Go back to college with the tools for success
For Students who are transitioning back to college after Taking Time Off Due to Academic Difficulties

Students will learn how to establish school support systems and effective self-advocacy strategies. Organization skills, time management, scheduling, and prioritizing will also be addressed. An emphasis will be placed on keeping focused, on track, and accountable. Additional skills will be included as needed based on each student's particular needs.

Private Coaching (online)

Times and Dates: Flexible

Price $375

Academic Coaching for Summer Classes

Academic Coaching for college students who are in summer classes
For Students Attending Summer Classes and/or Those Who Would Like to Strengthen Academic Skills

A condensed summer semester means adjusting to the fast-paced expectations of academics while balancing summer jobs and activities. Students will learn strategies to keep focused, on-track, and accountable while developing strong executive function skills. Emphasis will be placed on organization, time management, prioritizing, and self-advocacy. These skills will help prepare students for the next academic year.

Private Coaching (online)

*Contact us for pricing information-


"College was a struggle for me and I had to leave after until I found Sue who taught me the organizational skills I needed to succeed in college. She began coaching me while I attended Tunxis Community College. My grades consistently improved and I did well enough to transfer to University of CT where I graduated with a bachelors degree and am now working full-time for an insurance company."

College Student

“I just wanted to let you know that Lee just got a 97 on his law midterm. He’s never gotten such a high grade on a midterm exam before. Brian has been flexible in his scheduling, and Lee always seems very upbeat and positive after they’ve had a session together. I really think his self-confidence is beginning to develop as he sees how he has success when he keeps on top of his homework. We are very happy so far with their teamwork.”

Mother of Lee