What is Executive Function Coaching?


The core of academic coaching is working with students to improve their executive functions in school and in life. Executive Function Coaching is the perfect solution for students who struggle due to ADHD, ADD, Executive Function Disorder and other Learning Disabilities.

Having Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD / ADHD) can be especially frustrating for students. Parents want to help, but don’t always know how, and students may not be receptive to their help.

At Academic Coaching Associates, we understand the root causes that interfere with student success and are experts at helping students develop compensatory strategies to address these issues.

Our expert coaches help students break down assignments into workable “chunks”, and use technological and visual aids that keep them more organized. We also help students manage their workspace and materials, keep up with assignments, and be proactive self-advocates.

academic coach and student
happy college student

Results of Executive Function Coaching

Our expert coaches at ACA work to help improve academic performance in students who have executive function deficits by teaching them efficient organization and time management strategies, effective study habits and routines, improved pre-planning and proactive behaviors such as homework completion, accountability, and self-advocacy. While working with us, students will have continued personal and academic growth, improved motivation, and restored self-confidence. Our students develop a renewed excitement and curiosity for learning.

Common academic Obstacles Related to Weak Executive Function skills:

Forgetting or lack of awareness of assignments

Putting off studying until the night before exams

Feeling easily overwhelmed and avoiding projects, multi-step assignments, and writing assignments. 

Neglecting to do or turn in homework assignments 

Forgetting to turn in completed assignments

Leaving long-term projects to the last minute

Poor and/or ineffective study skills and strategies

Believing there is more time to complete assignments than is actually true

What people say about it

"Since beginning academic coaching with ACA, I have seen a large improvement in our son's academic performance and confidence.  He has always struggled with study skills, note-taking, and “standard” ways of learning in a typical classroom.  His coach has done a great job teaching him alternative ways to learn and helping him to improve his study habits and accountability. She also sends us comprehensive notes on what was covered during their coaching sessions. This is extremely helpful.”

Mom of Shawn, grade 9

"When we first began academic coaching for our daughter, Erika, she was doing very poorly in college. We decided to try your coaching services, and are so glad we did! Her coach was always empathetic and encouraging and focused on her strengths, not her weaknesses. If Erika had a set-back, her coach helped her work through it. Thanks so much for providing the service you do to parents and students, and for helping our daughter become the successful person we always knew she could be."

Dawn and Dennis
Parents of Erika, recent college graduate