Career Coaching

career coaching

Career Coaching is for recent college graduates and young adults to help bridge the gap between college and the work world.

Conducting an effective job search can be overwhelming, especially for first-time job seekers.  Our holistic approach will help you organize your search into easy-to-achieve tasks that allow you to move forward and stay on top of every step of the process. No matter which industry or company you are targeting, we will help you put your best foot forward and stand out from a crowded field.

We offer 1-1 career coaching and/or the Jumpstart Program, perfect for students who are trying to choose their college major, explore career choices, and create a job search plan.


"My career coach helps me focus in a positive, enriching manner. Whether it is prioritizing the direction of my job search, or motivating me to organize my days with electronic reminders, or holding me accountable, she helps me focus in a positive, enriching manner."

L. Nathaniel

“After college, I was having serious trouble making a career development plan.  With the help of my career coach, I was able to stay disciplined during my job search and was well prepared for my interviews.  And, I got a great job! I highly recommend.”

Brett. S.