Will ChatGPT Change Education?

Posted on March, 22, 2023 by

An artificial intelligence (AI) text generator (chatbot), ChatGPT is the fastest-growing app in internet history. It is so simple to use, just download the software, type in a prompt such as “What were the events leading up to the Revolutionary War” and it spits back an essay in about 30 seconds. It has endless capabilities that has everyone asking, “Will ChatGPT change education?”

Students are quickly jumping on board with about 30% of college students and about 22% of high school students already using it weekly, according to a study by the Walton Family Foundation. Not surprisingly, school districts and universities are frantically trying to control the use of ChatGPT in educational settings. What is really interesting, is that this same study found that 51% of teachers are using it which is even more than students. The study cites lesson planning, creative ideas for classes, and building background knowledge for lessons as some of the ways teachers are using it in the classroom.

One of the main concerns about using ChatGPT has been plagiarism. Generally, teachers know how well their students can write, and are familiar with their students’ writing style and “voice.” They can usually tell if an assignment or paper was written by another source, but not always.  Students are also using it to do homework, which is especially concerning. Rather than practicing math problems, it is possible to input the problem into ChatGPT and it will accurately solve it step-by-step. Universities across the country are now considering the use of chatbots as plagiarism and are banning its use and implementing severe consequences which they hope will help deter students from using it in unethical ways. High school districts are banning its use and implementing ways to block ChatGPT on school devices. However, these precautions do not seem to be stemming the tide.

It is clear that ChatGPT is changing the education landscape, but the question remains: how will it affect education? As AI tech expands it will continue to have a larger and larger impact on the way we educate students. Whether these ways are positive or negative largely depends on how we respond to it. Education should be constantly evolving to keep up with the world we live in. I genuinely believe that AI can improve education if implemented thoughtfully and students are taught how to use it responsibly.

AI technology can be used to supplement existing educational practices, but it is important to remember that it should never replace the human interaction and creative thinking needed for a successful education. With this in mind, schools and universities need to stay up-to-date on the latest AI technologies and use them in a way that will benefit students and improve their learning experiences.

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