Sheila Nussbaum, M.A.

Middle and High School Academic Coach

Sheila holds a Bachelor’s degree in math education and a Master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling.  After teaching high school math for several years, she has spent much of her career as a High School Counselor.  In her role as a School Counselor, she developed, coordinated, and monitored 504 plans for many students and was a member of the special education team supporting her students.

For the last several years, Sheila has worked with at-risk learners at Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy in the high school.  Through this work, she has used her expertise in helping students understand their learning style, their strengths, and blind spots.  She focuses her work with students on executive function issues, self-advocacy, time management, goal setting, pre-planning, test-taking strategies, study skills, and decreasing procrastination.  As a counselor, her sensitivity and understanding encourages students to improve their skills to experience greater success in school, improving their self-esteem.

Sheila runs our College Planning Programs which are designed for rising 11th and 12th grade students to get started on developing their path forward after high school.

Sheila splits her time between Connecticut and Florida with her husband, Irwin, who is also a coach and administrator with ACA.  She enjoys traveling, reading, art and biking in her free time.