Mary Sanford, Ph.D

All Grade Levels Academic Coach

Mary Sanford is a progress-oriented ADHD Executive Function Coach with a wealth of experience successfully working with college students. Her expertise and knowledge of ADHD and her excitement for helping clients improve their lives is highly rewarding to her. In her own words, Mary loves slaying the ADHD dragons of negativity and defeating behaviors that frequently torment her clients. In addition, Mary leads ADHD and college success workshops. She is knowledgeable about the challenges of students who are neuro-diverse and is able to capitalize on each person’s unique gifts. Clients describe her as empathetic, compassionate, enthusiastic, flexible, and resourceful.

Mary has a Ph.D. in Education from Syracuse University, an M.Ed. in Learning Disabilities, and a B.S. degree in Special Education. She is certified as a special education teacher and reading specialist in New York state. A native New Yorker now residing in Seattle, Mary began her career as a special education teacher in grades 7-12. Prior to going into teacher education, she taught study skills to underprepared college students. Mary loves helping students realize their many gifts and strengths.

When she is not coaching, Mary serves on the Board of Directors of the multicultural NWFolklife Festival and volunteers with, supporting needy families in the greater northwest. Mary also enjoys traveling, baking, gardening, and hanging out with her goofy Golden Doodles Gracie, Mabel, and Yummy!