CFO Irwin Nussbaum

Irwin Nussbaum, M.S.

CFO & Educational Consultant

Irwin earned his Masters Degree in Counseling and Higher Education Administration from SUNY – Albany. He was the Associate Vice President for Student Life at the University of Hartford where he directed the Student Success Center. Irwin has helped countless students who struggle with their academic expectations and assignments due to poor executive functioning skills helping them organize, plan, prioritize, manage their time, etc. At UHart, Irwin was also responsible for the Orientation Program and supervised the offices of Judicial Affairs and Parent Relations.

Irwin has a vast amount of experience in helping students who have been placed on academic probation navigate the process including compiling the future academic success list and meeting preparation (dean of students, advisor, etc.) In addition, Irwin consults with students who seek medical withdrawal or university re-admittance. Helping students to become confident, successful self-advocates has always been a cornerstone of Irwin’s professional career, and seeing students thrive and succeed at college is what gives him the greatest satisfaction.

Irwin is a man of many talents. His vast experience in college administration makes him the perfect CFO for an education company. He is responsible for all financial and accounting responsibilities for ACA. On his off-hours, Irwin resides in Connecticut half the year and in Florida the other half where he can usually be found firmly planted on the beach.