Dennis Racanello, M.A.

All Grade Levels Academic Coach

Dennis holds a Bachelor of Science degree (Psychology and concentration in Pre-Medical Biology), an extended Master of Arts degree (Psychology with concentrations in Research Design, Cognition, Learning, Memory) and is completing his PhD dissertation (Psychology with a concentration in Cognition and Instruction). Moreover, Dennis has been teaching at the college level (graduate and undergraduate) for over 20 years including a variety of subjects, many departments (e.g., Counseling, Psychology, Social Science, Communications) and highly diversified populations.

Dennis also teaches high school students preparing for the college experience and loves working with all ages and all cohorts. Additionally, Dennis has over 20 years of experience coaching, tutoring, academic advising, and working with students and young adults that have a variety of needs (executive functioning, AD/HD, Learning Differences, Autistic Spectrum, etc.). Dennis is also experienced with developing game plans based on Psycho-Educational Assessments and developing individualized compensatory strategies. Dennis believes in establishing a comfortable and non-judgmental atmosphere where he can attend to every individual. It is Dennis’ personal philosophy that active listening, collaboration with students, patience, kindness, empathy, and honesty have been central in rendering hundreds of students successful, whilst building up their confidence, skills, and self-esteem.