College Coach Chrissy

Christine Riley, M.A.

College Academic Coach & Career Coach

Chrissy holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is currently a Licensed Practicing Counselor Associate in the State of Connecticut. Before focusing on coaching and counseling full-time, Chrissy was an adjunct psychology professor and the Director of Orientation/Associate Director & First Year Advisor at the University of Hartford. As a First-Year Advisor, she provided academic, emotional, and social assistance to struggling students. Currently, as a Counselor Associate, she provides a supportive and non-judgmental space where individuals can explore their challenges, develop coping strategies, and encourage personal growth.

Chrissy has over 10 years of experience working with children, adolescents, college-age students, and young adults. Chrissy has been a senior counselor for a therapeutic social skills summer program where she implemented clinical interventions to assist individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Her belief is that by providing a positive and supportive environment, she can create a culture that brings out the best in her students; cultivating their strengths and empowering them to improve holistically. She is passionate about people and her goal is to be a catalyst for her students to succeed in school and in life.

Currently, Chrissy resides on the CT shoreline in Old Saybrook with her husband, two furry children, and her one-year-old son.  She is a beach lover and spends a lot of her free time relaxing there. Additionally, she is an avid Target shopper and loves spending her time cooking, going for mile runs, and trying her best at DIY projects.