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Susan Schaefer is the Founder and CEO of Academic Coaching Associates. She started ACA in 2010 with a vision of helping students succeed who underperform in school because of executive function difficulties.

Sue has dedicated the last 12 years of her life to educating parents, teachers, counselors, and students on executive function skills and how they impact academic performance.

From speaking at education conferences to counselor symposiums, Sue is passionate about breaking the stigma surrounding ADHD and academics and helping families learn the tools to live successful, happy lives.

Previous Presentations

Executive Function and Academic Performance - Special Education Conference

Teens and Their Screens - A Guide for Middle School Parents

Making a Successful Transition to College - Guidence Counselor Symposium

The Accidental Entrepreneur - Business School at Connecticut College

The Boomerang Effect: College Freshmen Transitions - Connecticut Public Library

Academic Expectations Ramp Up in Middle School

How ADHD Effects Academic Performance

Academic Success in the Age of Covid - Sedgwick Middle School PTA

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