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Andrea Marshall, M.Ed., C.T.A.

(Certified Life Coach), Director of College Coaching

Andrea holds a Master’s of Education (M.Ed.) in General and Athletic Counseling and is also a Certified Life Coach. In addition to her role as ACA Director of College Coaching, she was instrumental in developing and implementing the college and career coaching program. Previously, she served as the Associate Director in the Student Success Center and was also the Assistant Athletic Director for Academics in the Division 1 athletics department at the University of Hartford.

As an Academic and Career Coach for ACA, Andrea uses her wealth of experience to help college students focus on the process of learning whether the student is taking online or in-classroom courses. She helps students with executive function issues focus on the process of learning through teaching strategies for better time management, prioritizing, self-advocacy, pre-planning, meeting deadlines, setting goals, verbal and written brainstorming and decrease procrastination. Improving academic techniques and study skills increases student success, which in turn raises the student’s self-esteem and confidence.

Andrea lives in West Hartford, CT with her husband, 4 children and 1 furry little troublemaker. She is the “outdoorsy” type who enjoys biking, kayaking, and tending to her community garden. Reading, taking art classes and playing board games are also high on her hobbies list.

Andrea believes that reaching personal success in school leads to a more independent and confident life.