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Jumpstart Program

Clarify your career goals and Jumpstart your job search with our Career Coaching Program. Your career coach will help you create a targeted plan of action.

We offer three different levels based on where you currently are in your job search.

Level 1: Starting from Scratch

- Career option analysis based on  the Type Focus* assessment and in-depth discussion

- Develop a targeted professional resume and create a       professional LinkedIn profile

- Social media review and updates to project professionalism.

- Planning strategic job search strategies using the Qualifying Quotient Technique (QQT)**

Level 2: The Job Search

- Complete a preliminary job search using the Qualifying Quotient Technique (QQT)

- Further application of the QQT strategy and working on networking strategies

- Develop/review a professional resume and cover letter

- Submit the first round of applications and follow up real-life networking with practice

Level 3: The Interview

- Create and practice a memorable elevator pitch and organize qualified opportunities

- Review current interview formats and examples of likely  interview questions

- Answering interview questions best results with mock interview

- Writing thank-you emails post interview and continuation of job search and networking

We offer special discounts for bundling levels. Contact us for more information.

*Typefocus is a personality and career assessment tool to identify and target career choices.

**The Qualifying Quotient Technique is an ACA proprietary strategy to help clients search for and apply to jobs based on realistically matching skills to job criteria.

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