Coach Katie

Katie Baldrich

High School and Middle School Students

Katie holds a Master’s in Education (M.Ed.) in Secondary English Education as well as Bachelor’s of Arts Degrees in English Literature and Professional and Technical Writing and Editing. She has held various positions servicing students and teachers for the past 10 years, either as an educator or a curriculum coach. Katie has worked in Delaware, South Korea, and is currently servicing the students in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a teacher, she takes pride in raising the level of rigor in the curriculum and has proven to show student academic growth year over year. As a curriculum coach, she takes delight in creating coaching plans that reinforce best practices in the classroom and seeing growth of her teachers and by proxy their students.

As an Academic Coach with ACA, Katie uses her experience with teaching and school management to help her students be their own advocate. Her style aids the students to identify fundamental gaps in the way they approach education and learning. Katie believes by addressing these gaps and implementing new procedures to strengthen their learning style, their organization, and their problem-solving skills students will be able to enhance their own educational experience.

Katie lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a competitive Olympic weightlifter and enjoys reading memoirs and dystopian novels. She also enjoys nature and frequents the beach with her husband in their hometown.