Coach Chrissie

Christine Battista, Ph.D

College Academic Coach

Christine Battista received her Ph.D in English, General Literature, and Rhetoric at SUNY Binghamton in 2010. As a former director of Media Studies and Director of Honors at a private university in Denver, Christine has architected academic programs from the ground up and is well-versed in growth mindset curriculum and psychoeducational student development.

She has also been teaching English, literature, humanities, honors, and media studies courses at the college level for more than 18 years and has spent the last 10 years mentoring, coaching, and developing undergraduate students. Passionate about pushing students to pursue excellence, she incorporates a significant amount of academic rigor in all of her courses. Christine also has 12 scholarly publications, including 2 edited collections and her first co-authored monograph, expected for publication in late 2022.

As an Academic Coach with ACA, Christine uses her long and extensive experience with teaching, mentoring, and academic program development to coach each student at an individual level. She tailors each session and plans with the student’s individual needs and provides a positive, nurturing, and supportive environment. No matter what the student’s needs, Christine meets the student where they are at and works with them closely to develop stronger organizational habits, communication, and study skills to help promote lifelong growth and learning. Always an advocate, she helps each student realize their potential one session at a time.

Christine lives in Denver, Colorado and is an avid reader and writer. She is also an artist, gardener, and aspiring herbalist. She enjoys all the beautiful wonders the state of Colorado has to offer including paddleboarding, hiking, swimming, biking, skiing, and enjoying the sun.