Online Academic Coaching

At Academic Coaching Associates (ACA), we are seasoned professionals in the world of on-line academic and executive function coaching. When the schools suddenly went from in-person to distance learning, many education providers had to scramble to make the switch. Not here! We’ve been perfecting this service and providing online academic coaching nationwide and internationally for years.

Through platforms such as Zoom and Skype,  coaches can meet with students and literally be on the same page in real-time. An important tool coaches use to increase student success is the screenshare function.

Using screenshare, middle and high school coaches and students together can:

  • View student portals, such as PowerSchool, Canvas, and Google Classroom
  • Review grades for each individual class
  • See upcoming and past assessments and assignments
  • Look for any missing or late assignments
  • Go over directions for assignments and projects
  • Supervise sending appropriate emails to teachers

Using screenshare, college coaches and students together can:

  • View student portals, such as Blackboard and Canvas
  • Supervise sending appropriate emails to professors, deans, TA’s, etc.
  • Work on research skills
  • Review syllabi and set up calendars
  • Search college website to locate student support services and other resources

Achieve Academic Success!

We look forward to helping your student strengthen their executive functions and achieve more academic success.

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